6 Things to Consider When Planning a Big Group Getaway

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Organizing a big group getaway can be daunting. The idea of planning various events and activities for a large group of people can seem overwhelming and stressful. You’re presented with the challenge of planning a trip that will tend to everyone’s needs, expectations, and personalities. There is a lot to consider in picking the location, creating the schedule, and figuring out what to bring. But, with some strategic foresight, your trip will turn out to be the getaway it was meant to be. Here are the six things to consider when preparing for your big group trip:

Design Your Experience

The great outdoors is chock full of opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re into hiking, fishing, climbing trees, or just dreaming of roasting marshmallows over a fire — there are lots of ways to create an experience that is enjoyable for everyone. What are the age groups of your guests? What are their recreational skill levels? Do your guests have experience in hiking, ropes course, clay shooting, or fishing? Talk to your guests about potential activities, and evaluate their interest in order to plan an adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Pick Your Location

When considering a destination, research the area for venues that are a good match for your needs. A real adventure requires up-to-date facilities and components. From hiking to rock-climbing to ropes courses, you want to make sure that the venue’s resources are safe and available. What are you envisioning for your recreational adventure? Make sure that your venue has all the necessary space for gatherings, games, and campfire stories. If you are planning a big dinner, inquire about tables, chairs, and any other necessities to host the perfect meal. If you’re organizing a writing workshop, then you should check to see if the facility has comfortable writing spaces, audio visual equipment, and sufficient tables.

Consider your timeline, and what kind of facility is necessary for your itinerary and program of events. It’s also important to call up potential venues and ask if they offer any special activity packages, or accommodations for large groups.

Evaluate Guest Accommodations

We all have our own individual comfort levels. Some of us feel at home in a tent and others won’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have a five-star rating.

Either way, there’s nothing like a warm bed after a long day of adventure. That’s why it is important to make sure that the facility has something to make everyone feel comfortable. How many people are on your guest list? Does the location you are considering have enough room for everyone? When choosing your adventure venue, make sure it is a place where your guests will be happy and feel at ease. And make sure you’re booking far enough in advance, because it’s often hard to find a large enough venue on short notice.

Consider The Season

The weather can have a big impact on your getaway. If outdoor fun is your objective, you want to take a look at the weather forecast to make sure you’re prepared for inclement weather. Hikers and nature enthusiasts might want to avoid both sweltering and freezing temperatures.

Are There Surrounding Attractions?

Regardless of the set itinerary, it is always a good idea for folks to have the time and opportunity to explore the area where you are holding your event. Are there museums, restaurants, parks, or entertainment near your destination? No matter how well everyone gets along, travelers will certainly want some free time to explore on their own. Make a list of the various attractions in the area so people know what to expect.

Meet Your Budget

Many sites offer different rates depending on the season and size of your party. Don’t just go off the website’s quote. Inquire with the property manager or event coordinator to see how much it will cost to host your group for all of your events and activities. You will want to factor in the price of hiring guides, instructors, travel, resources, and food.


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