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Everyone needs a moment to regroup, re-energize, and focus on their goals — even businesses. Corporate retreats are a prime opportunity to strengthen your team from the ground up. Offices are good environments for productivity and organization, but they don’t lend themselves well to nurturing team-building and interpersonal rapport. This is where the retreat comes in.

At Brush Ranch, we’ve hosted hundreds of corporate and nonprofit retreats. No matter what stage your business is in, a break from routine can do your company culture a lot of good. Here are a few good reasons why your next team meeting should be a retreat:

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know. Taking substantial time to reflect on past decisions and projects allows your team to break down the process in an objective way. These kinds of reverse brainstorming sessions enable you and your colleagues to redefine your business’s goals and mission.
  2. Get clarity. Changing the scenery is a great way to recharge your mind and get a new perspective. Taking some time away from your familiar surroundings allows for new ideas to emerge and can jump start more effective communication.
  3. Build trust. Getting to know your teammates in a setting that is new for everyone is a great way to create new bonds with people who are just getting to know one another. Spending quality time with one another, without the distraction of screens and phones, generates interconnectedness and unifies the company structure.
  4. Establish goals. Taking a break from your regular schedule and tasks is an effective way to gain perspective on goals, and develop next steps as an organization.
  5. Shine a spotlight. There are limited opportunities to learn about your colleague’s skills and talents while sitting in an office. Throwing your team into new adventures and activities is the best way for people to showcase their abilities.

Ultimately, your employees are your company’s strongest assets. A retreat is a valuable investment in your organization’s future. Give us a call to find out how Brush Ranch can inspire your employees to be their best.


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